hi, It’s been long time to not update my blog. Sorry I am busy with my thesis. Today I wanna share you about my favorite game final fantasy type-0. For you guys, I will tell you about how to play this game using PPSSPP emulator. For game documentations see in here [].

It’s clearly for this game that final fantasy type-0 has a PC version,  PS4 and PSP of course. Because I don’t have PS4 and PSP device and I don’t want to install it in my computer, so I choose using emulator for PSP . I always using emulator to playing game, because this is the safest way for me to protect my registry system. Using emulator surely for you need to have high specification system on your PC / laptop. Because it usually make your laptop / PC lagging (slow) if your system using low specification, I suggest you to use high-end specification for your laptop / PC to avoid lagging. For your information I used intel I5 64-bit with 6Gb Ram and dual Graphic Processing Unit (Intel and AMD Radeon). It is enough for me to play this game. If you want to play this game, you need to download the game first in download it in ISO format,

see in here []

And after you finished, continue to download PPSSPP emulator for PC

see in here []

Done for downloaded it?? Extract files for Final Fantasy type-0 and for PPSSPP. Then try to open the PPSSPP file.


In my system because I use 64-bit so I open PPSSPP Windows 64, if you get an alert box tell you about missing MSCVP120.dll (see in picture below).


You need to install Visual C++ Retributeble Package For Visual Studio 2013. You can found in here []. After you clicked download button, choose the file you need to download. If your system run in 64-bit check for vcredist_x64.exe (see in picture below), then click next


Install it clearly, and following the steps. After you finished, try to open the PPSSPP file again. Is there any error again? No? Okay then you have fixed the issue. Enjoy the game and don’t forget to configure emulator to make it run smoothly in your system.



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