Hi, Almost forgot that I still have this blog. I have lots of things to share in this blog. But today I will introduce you with Laravel. Like you know Laravel today is one of the most popular framework PHP and best framework PHP among web developer, although it released 2011 (see survey result below). I decided to learn PHP again but in Laravel version after several months focused in java android.

Best Php framework – Laravel(SitePoint results)

Why Laravel?

I still have no idea why have to use laravel. But in widely implementation, laravel has been used to build their own website even many enterprises. Here I will cite why have to use Laravel from people out there:

  • Out of the box rich feature
  • Automation CSRF protection, , Validatioin , Migration and ORM
  • Easy to learn and understand
  • Elegant Syntax
  • Fastest growing PHP framework
  • Eloquent, Composer, Migration, Blade and the other
  • Has great documentation and even has video tutorial from laracast

For more info see in laravel website. Like I said before that laravel has been used widely among website developer to build small application to enterprises level application.

For recommended book in beginner level I still don’t have any. Next post I will tell you tutorial how to install laravel


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