Android Generate APK ‘Issues’

This post will talking about issues when you are ready to release your application. We will start with how to Generate Signed APK then talking about the issues we sometime face. This is important for you as android developer when you are ready to publish APK in Google Store.

Signed APK

These steps are mirrored from Android Official Web.

Click on Build > Generate Signed APK


Click Next > Create New 

We assume that you has no keystroke yet. A keystore is a file that acts as your signature, hence why we need one to create a signed APK for your app. This will help us run your app in case of any issues when we build your app on our specialized “Android evaluation machines.” If you already have a keystore file, you may skip to Step 3 to finish building your signed APK.

Fill the fields for your new keystroke. You should save the file in safe place. You will use this keystroke to sign your APK, as requirement to place your APK in play store. Don’t forget the password of your keystroke.





Generate your signed APK


In the Generate Signed APK Wizard (see Step 3 for a screenshot), you can choose the appropriate keystore value, such as the one you just created, as well as the password fields. Then click Next. On the following screen, click Finish. After a moment, your signed APK will be created and you’re done! CONGRATULATION!

Forget Your Keystore Password

Sometimes, you are not remember what passwords are you used for your keystore. Here are tricks you can follow to recover your keystore password.

Disclosure keystore password

Remember when the last time are you sign your APK. This is important for you to recover your password. In my case I have been used various Android Studio versions, placed in (C:\Users\


Last time I remember signed APK around 2o-iest August 2016 using Android Studio version 2.1.

Open it then go to system> log. There will be logs note of your activity build. Open the file logs with last modified around 20-iest August. Open it with Notepad the search with keyword ‘password‘, aaaaaaaannndd wallaa!


Recover Passwords

Here is another trick when you forget your keystore password. This is the easiest one to restore your passwords by reset those. Place your directory where ‘.Android‘ folder lies to use keytool function in CMD.

Reset keystore Password

keytool -storepasswd -new %newpassword% -keystore %YourKeyStore%.jks

replace %newpassword% with your actual password, same with YourKeyStore

Change Alias key Password

keytool -keypasswd -alias %MyKeyAlias% -new %newpassword% -keystore KeyStore.jks

Then you’re done!! Test it in your Android Studio by generate APK. If not work talk to me, may be I can help you out by contacting me


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