GIthub Tricks: Upload Image

As a developer, we sometime want to share our work as public. So all people can accessed our work as reference for their work. In github, often developer publish their source code to a custom or library. Some of experienced developers will also provide documentation for their source code/solution with detailed README or even wiki pages. But most of developer also have same issues about

how to upload images that you wanna shown in README file(s)?

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Laravel Database Setup

Now we will create something with Laravel, first thing we have to do is setup database. After that we will try to create table using migration. To achieve that, there are 2 methods to setting up details for our database setting.

  • .env file (located in root of project/.env)
  • database.php (located in root of project/config/database.php)

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Laravel Introduction

Hi, Almost forgot that I still have this blog. I have lots of things to share in this blog. But today I will introduce you with Laravel. Like you know Laravel today is one of the most popular framework PHP and best framework PHP among web developer, although it released 2011 (see survey result below). I decided to learn PHP again but in Laravel version after several months focused in java android. Continue reading