“Palindrome” Problem Set

Hi, today I’m gonna post another algorithm called ‘Palindrome’. This algorithm is an easiest one to understand. I remember when I was a kid, me and my friends usually playing this wording manipulation game together. It has such a nice fun on it.

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Lazada.co.id – Paket (ter-)Kedjoet

Hi, fuuuuh fuuuuh – banyak banget sarang laba-laba kali ini gw mau berbagi pengalaman juga impresi berbelanja menggunakan platform Lazada.co.id. Baru semalam pulang meetup bareng anak-anak (mantan-) kampus buat nonton Maze Runner: Death Cure. Sok-sok an buat nonton padahal belum nonton yang pertama juga kedua, masih baru selesai baca novelnya seri pertama juga. Alhasil Continue reading

“FizzBuzz” Problem set

Hi, starting from now I will try to post any problem sets related with algorithms. For about 1 month I have been read so many post in Quora about Software Engineer. Some of them said that under grad students has no skill coding in computer programming, even in algorithm to solve the problem. They only know theories. So from now I will try to post related with algorithm in various problem sets.  I will give the problem to solve and code it in java as the answer (solution). Continue reading